Since I am a fair amateur mechanic, and tend to keep vehicles a long time (FJ40: 35 years and counting), there are very few other people I trust to work on them. In fact, there are two: Bill Lee, and my nephew, Jake Beggy (who trained with Bill). Bill has all the official titles and patches you’d expect master technician-wise, but that’s insufficient to describe the level of his knowledge. What Bill doesn’t know about Toyotas, Toyota probably doesn’t know either, and I suspect the same is true for Lexus. On top of that he’s a genuinely nice guy, and scrupulously honest. What further praise can I add except to note that my wife and I have been known to drive 250 miles one way to have Bill work on our trucks. — J. Hanson


Bill Lee is the most knowledgeable, honest, reliable Toyota/Lexus Mechanic I have ever entrusted my cars to. Wouldn’t let anyone else touch my vehicles! That is why even though he his hours away from where I live, I still bring my cars to him. It saves me time, money and frustration in the long run to have a mechanic with the years of experience, training, expertise and integrity that Bill has. I have a collection of Land Cruisers, wife drives a Lexus and we also have a Tacoma. For the past decade, Bill’s Toy Shop has met and exceeded all my expectations by keeping all my cars in top condition. He offers sound advice and takes the time to really care about my needs. I am indeed fortunate to know him. — K. Lane


Bill has been my go to source for Landcruiser services for over 10 years. I am more than willing to drive or trailer my Cruisers the 200 miles to Silver City to have Bill do the work. My ’81 FJ40 has received the most – rebuilt head, ARB airlocks, headers, brakes, carb rebuilds, tune-ups and many more smaller upgrades, services and modifications. My 1989 FJ62 received a rebuild of the top end of the engine and the 2003 UZJ100 received a header install w/ new O2 sensors. Bill will take the time to provide the best advice there is and will not sell you goods or services you do not need (unless you insist). — S. Butler


Bill has been my mechanic for the past 14+ years. Being a woman, I really do not spend a lot of time looking under the hood, if even at all, I leave that to Bill. I have driven up to 8 hours, just so he could work on my car. I trust his work and suggestions completely. He has kept all my cars in perfect running condition. Lucky me I’m in Durango now and I only have to drive an hour to have him service my Tacoma. It is well worth it! — B. Mills


We’ve been going to Bill’s Toy Shop for over 10 years now. We went to him when we were both in Tucson, when he was in Tucson and we were in San Diego, and now that he is in Farmington. He is awesome. We have had a FJ60, FJ40, and a 100 series. He has done the maintenance and major service on all of them. He has always let us know what we needed to do, what we should do, and what it would cost. He has been spot on every time and often does little things that are important without us noticing or being billed….like replacing the little plastic clip that holds the hood rod in place. It’s like 10 bucks from toyota….something that would never cross my mind….he put it in and didn’t mention it or charge us, but I noticed that the banging in the grill while going over speed bumps stopped! Can’t say enough about this shop. No affiliation. Just excited to spread the word. — R. Montserrat


Bill is honest, professional and talented. I know people who have driven hundreds of miles to have work done at his shop. He isn’t going to charge you for something you don’t need, want or worse didn’t even do. I guess the cliche of shops has been broken; you won’t be disappointed and probably won’t go anywhere else. — J. Beggy

1107B Acacia Street, Farmington, NM 87401     505.325.4388